Monday, September 13, 2010

Ayurvedic Powders

I went natural about 3 months ago. I am still learning about my natural hair. I have to admit at first I was frustrated with my hair as I did not know what worked. But with trial and error I am slowly learning what my hair likes. What has been working so far for my hair is Ayurvedic powders.

My current Ayurvedic mix includes the following:
Coconut Milk

I did a treatment over the weekend and my curls were more defined and my hair had a gloss which it has never had before.




  1. where do you find these items and are they natural? i have curly/wavy hair, i don't use product in it except shampoo and conditioner and wash it about every 3 days sometimes four...i would LOVE to find something that gives an extra something to my curls!


  2. I have been wanting to try Brahmi, Neem, and I think I will. Thanks for the mixture!

  3. Hi CB,

    You can find all the powders at your local Indian Market or online through Amazon and I also order at Yes they are all natural. Another product you can try for curly hair is Curls Milkshake and it is natural. As a matter of fact all curls products are natural here is the website.

  4. I have natural hair as well. It is really trial and error. My hair has been without perm and or permanent dye for over 13 years. I am still discovering new products. Here are a few of my favs: John Frieda happy curl paired with Carols Daughter hair milk, cantu shea buter leave in conditioner, nexxus shampoo and conditioners; humectress and therappe work the best. A few more of my must haves are: Aveda's confixor and phomollient. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. For Aveeda, try the sample size bottles first. The other products can be purchased at Walmart and Target stores.

  5. Thanks Lynnielou for the tips. I just bought Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In and so far its working.


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